1. Be familiar with the boss fights

Please take the time prior to raid night to review the boss fights and have a basic understanding of the mechanics. You can review the boss fight descriptions on Icy-Veins.com, guides linked from WowHead.com, or FatBoss videos on YouTube -- just be familiar with the fights.

2. Be on time

It's boring and frustrating to gather for 30 minutes before we can raid anything. Further, it encourages people to be late, which turns into a nasty cycle.  Even though we have flexible raids, we still have to get to 10 to begin, and we still need a proper balance of roles.

If you can't make a raid, please cancel as soon as you know.  If there's a chance you can't make it, update your signup note. If you'll be late or cutting it close, update your signup note.  That's all we ask.

3. Take breaks during trash pulls

The only time that we will wait on a single player is before a boss pull.  So that's the absolute worst time to go afk.  If you have any choice at all, try to take breaks while the rest of us are killing trash.  This will allow us more boss attempts per night.

Try not to take a break between boss wipes. Long pauses between wipes make people lazy and throw them off their game.  Breaks between boss wipes should last no longer than 45 seconds, and you should be alive in the boss' room before you leave, so you can be buffed with the rest of us.

It's tempting to stay dead, go afk, and then by the time you get back a healer has run back and resurrected you. This is only appropriate on especially long runbacks and short afks. We cannot get buffed properly with you dead, and a dead raid member encourages others to take unnecessary breaks.

4. Bring consumables

You shouldn't have to spend all your time farming for consumables, but at the very least you should have flasks, food (preferably feasts you can share with everyone), and healing potions.  Warlock cookies are a bonus but in their absence, you should have Rejuv potions available.

When we do progression raids, we need everyone to be as buffed as possible.  If there's any doubt in your mind that a boss might not go down in one or two tries, you should be flasked.  If we've never killed the boss before, try to use some damage potions.

5. Fully enchant and gem yourself

It is demoralizing to raid with someone who cannot even be bothered to properly gem and enchant their gear, and even worse to see them take loot that they are only going to neglect.  If you just got a new piece of gear that week and haven't had a chance to enchant it yet, fine.

If you have 2 or more pieces missing gems or enchants, or having improper enchants like those designed for PvP or another spec, the raid leader has the right to bench you at any time.

If you need help with the cost of such things, guild bank resources are available (as are many generous guildies), just ask an officer and they'll be happy to get you fixed up.

6. Improve your level of play

We are a casual guild and do not rigidly enforce performance standards.  However, we do expect you to be serious about raiding if you ask to be invited.  Put effort into your character and learn how to play it well if you continue to raid with us.  We have lots of great players who are happy to help you improve your play.  All you have to do is ask.  Players who consistently underperform and show no effort at getting better will find it difficult to get raid invites.

7. Miscellaneous Rules

  • Don't release too quickly.

Releasing as soon as a fight ends can extend the time between attempts, if we had a mass res available. Try to be aware of when releasing is inappropriate, and if in doubt, wait a few seconds to make sure no one is alive to cast mass res.

  • Communicate often but limit chatter.

We want to hear from you in voice chat if it pertains to the situation at hand.  We also like to have fun and joke around. Just try to keep it short and don't chatter on about other topics or carry on side conversations, especially if they're not funny. Remember all the other people listening in!

Raid chat should be similarly respected, but you can joke around a little more freely there.