Personal vs Group Loot

In a nutshell, the raid leader chooses which system to use in any raid.

We mainly use the personal loot system, except in cases where we have a lot of well-geared players farming a boss that's been killed several times.  In these cases, our odds of gearing up get better with group loot.  This fact may change if Blizzard implements a system to limit duplicate drops in personal loot.

Raids that we partially PUG will always use personal loot.

Group Loot Rules

When we use group loot, NEVER DISENCHANT.  If you choose disenchant, we may end up sharding something someone wanted for off-spec.

  • Hit Need for main-spec
  • Hit Greed for off-spec
  • Pass otherwise

If everyone passes, an enchanter should grab it off the body and add the disenchanted material to the guild bank. If no enchanters, anyone can grab it and vendor it.

Coin Rolls

Coin rolls are yours and yours alone. If the item you want drops by group loot, you are free to try to win it before your coin roll timer expires. Obviously if you get an item through group loot, and then get the same item by coin roll, we ask that you give the group loot item to someone else.  Additionally, if you have plenty of coins, why not roll the dice and see if two people can go home with the item?

Equal Distribution

We do not enforce any hard rules for the number of items you gain through group loot.  We simply ask that our players are considerate of each other, and sometimes Greed or Pass on items when they know other players could get more use out of them.  It's always possible to ask in voice or chat to clarify whether your need is greatest.

Alternate Characters

We do not enforce any hard rules pertaining to whether a character is classified as an "alt".  We simply ask that our players recognize when they are playing a character or spec that sees little actual raid usage, and Greed or Pass on items as appropriate.

BoE Items

When BoE items drop, please do not roll Need, as we like to give players a chance to roll for their worthy alts.  You may roll Greed on behalf of any alt you feel appropriate. As above, please be considerate of other players.  If you'd be passing the item to one of your alts that rarely raids, speak up and ask if anyone else has a greater need for the item.  Auctioning BoE items is not OK.

Bank Items

Unclaimed BoE gear or crafting/disenchant materials gained from group loot in a scheduled raid should be added to the guild bank. Such items can then be given to any character actively engaged in raiding (as determined by any officer).

In the case of commodity items that can be found in the Auction House (Void Crystals / Shards), we ask that you provide half (round up) of the materials for any recipe yourself.  For instance, Jade Spirit can be a bit of a burden at 10 Shards, so you may ask for 5 shards from the guild bank to help you enchant a new weapon.