We use an EPGP system for our scheduled raids. This is an addon-automated mechanism that attempts to fairly distribute loot in direct proportion to the effort that you put into raiding.

A player earns EP (effort points) for attendance, killing bosses, and progression wipes. A player incurs GP (gear points) for taking gear. A player's priority for a desired item is determined by EP divided by GP. Every week these values decay to keep people from pulling way ahead.

Unofficial raids scheduled outside our phpraid system, ad-hoc raids, raids that we partially PUG, and raids that are substantially below our progression curve will use free rolls rather than EPGP.


You must have the epgplootmaster addon installed to participate in loot distribution in our raids. This addon will give you a special dialog when we are rolling on loot with four options: 100%, 50%, Greed (10%), and Pass.

The epgp addon is required for officers and optional for others. It allows you to see everyone's current EPGP priorities, do mass EP awards, and perform a decay.


The epgplootmaster addon adds two entries to your in-game addon list: -Core and -ML.  All players should enable the -Core addon, only officers need to enable the -ML.

Configuration is minimal for regular players, just switch on "Listen for incoming monitor updates".  That will allow you to see everyone else's rolls after you have rolled yourself.

How does it work?

The rules for rolling on loot are a sort of simplified bidding system.

  • Click 100%if you want to pay full price for an item. An example would be for a significant main set upgrade. You will win the item if you are the highest priority 100% roll.
    • If you were the only person to roll 100% then you will only incur half GP value for the item just as if you had won by selecting 50%.
  • Click 50% if you want to pay half price for an item. An example would be for a side-grade or off-spec item. You will win the item if there are no 100% rolls and you are the highest priority 50% roll.
    • If you win as the only person to roll 50% then you will only incur 10% GP value for the item just as if you had won by selecting Greed (10%).
  • Click Greed (10%) if you want to pay the minimum, a tenth of the GP value of the item. An example would be a minor piece you only want to take to prevent it from being sharded. You will win the item if there are no 100% or 50% rolls and you have the highest addon-generated random roll; priorities are not used.
  • Click Pass if you are not interested in the item.

Alternate Characters

EPGP is tracked by player, not by character. For almost all purposes alternate characters are treated the same as main characters. If you wish to pass on gear on an alt in order to build priority for your main, or vice versa, that is fine. Your EPGP priority is yours to use as you wish with minimal restrictions.

Just try not to take gear that will rarely or never be used in a raid from characters who would use it frequently.  A good way to do that is to never roll over 50% for a character you consider to be an alt, but that's just a suggestion.

Tier Tokens

Some instances have tokens used for tier pieces. These tokens are treated no differently from other items.

BoE Items

When BoE items drop, you may roll 100% or 50% on behalf one of your alternate characters as if they were present in the raid. They're your points, so you can spend them where you like. However please exercise restraint if, for example, your alt is one that rarely attends raids. Auctioning, trading, or otherwise selling a BoE item is prohibited and may result in being kicked from the guild.

If nobody rolls 100% or 50% on a BoE item characters that are present in the raid take precedence over Greed (10%) rolls for alts that are not currently in the raid.

Out-of-Guild Characters

Guild Members on Out-of-Guild Alts

Some players have alts that are not in Dev Null. Each player may have one such alt that participates fully in EPGP.  Their public note must be set to ext:toonname.

Friends of the Guild

We occasionally pick up friendly players that are familiar to us and are welcome in our regular raids.  These players have a choice.

  • They can put an alt in the guild (of any level), and we can treat them like a guild member with an out-of-guild alt, as above.
  • If they trust us, they can get loot in the following manner:
    1. when an item is being distributed,  they say in raid chat that they need the item
    2. the loot master will compare their roll in the Lootmaster mod with all the 100% rolls from guildies
    3. if they win the roll, they get the item, if a guild member wins the roll, the item is distributed according to EPGP

Pick-Up Group Players

Generally when adding PUGs to a raid it will revert to free roll.  However, at officer discretion EPGP may be used in the manner described above for friends who opt-out of EPGP.

Bank Items

Sometimes the guild bank will contain valuable BoE gear or, more typically, crafting materials. Such items can be purchased for half of their GP value. Talk to an officer.

Expansion Resets

When a new expansion hits we will reset all of our EPGP values so everyone will start with a fresh slate.

Officer Configuration (Gory Details)

Plugin Configuration


  • Set the "Amount of buttons to display" to 3.
    • Button 1 text should be '100%' with a default GP setting of 100% and a fallback of Mainspec. Note you must include the % symbol.
    • Button 2 text should be '50%' with a default GP setting of 50% and a fallback of Offspec. Note you must include the % symbol.
    • Button 3 text should be 'Greed (10%)' with a default GP setting of 10% and a fallback of Minor Upgrade.
  • Set a 30 second timeout.
  • Check "Only accept first candidate response for each item."
  • Under Auto-Hiding, uncheck the boxes for hiding the loot window when entering combat
  • Disable the voting system
  • Disable the bidding system
  • Check "Send outgoing monitor updates" and set the "Only send for equal or higher..." drop-down to "Epic".
  • Check "Mask monitors while selecting"


  • Send announcements of EPGP actions to the Officer channel instead of the default Guild channel.
  • On the "Boss" tab, enable automatic boss tracking to prompt an EP award after a kill or wipe.
  • Leave the base GP at 100

Effort Point Awards

  • 1000 EP: In the raid group 3 minutes before pull time.
  • 1000 EP: Raid boss wipe.
  • 3000 EP: Raid boss kill.

Gear Points

We use the addon defaults for GP values without exception. Weapon GP is no longer adjusted in any way.


  • 35%: Each Tuesday, performed by Raholian unless he asks for assistance. Other officers should make a habit of confirming the decay happened before the first raid of each week.
  • 50%: When a new raid tier is released (at least 15 item levels higher than the last tier at the same difficulty)
  • 100%: Expansion (see Expansion Resets above).

Guild Info Config

The following configuration text should be included in the guild info.  This will ensure that the setting is guild-wide and does not have to be configured by each officer.