"Your persistence in the face of adversity strengthens your resolve."

The Throne of Thunder has been cleared!  Thanks to everyone who helped clear the instance over the past five months, and special thanks to everyone who continued to sign up week after week during the down periods of early summer and back to school.

See you all in the Siege of Orgrimmar!

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back to index : comments (4) : Wednesday, Sep 4 - 10:55pm
Durumu next?
Adana : Thursday, Sep 5 - 1:36am
Darn, been throwing myself at that one for weeks and you get it the night I have to work late. :P  Ah well, grats guys!
taliafears : Thursday, Sep 5 - 1:52am
The one we got it on was going so smoothly too, no adds into phase 3, everyone was at really good health at 5%. Then to get max distance for a thunderstruck the hunter gracefully backed off the platform.....
Aerdrie : Thursday, Sep 5 - 10:15am
Lookit the ickle bunny!
Daz : Thursday, Sep 5 - 1:10pm