taliafearsNullcon 2012

Nullcon approaches.  Festivities are planned for Sunday, Sep 16, but folks are welcome to explore the area or hang out at my house on Fri/Sat.

The destination is The Tap Room, San Marcos, TX. You can fly into Austin (AUS) or San Antonio (SAT), whichever is cheapest - they are both under an hour's drive from San Marcos. San Marcos also has a Greyhound station and possibly train access though I don't have any experience with that. Any motel is going to be fine, there aren't any bad parts of town.

Hope to see lots of you!

Update: Possible change of venue; my good friend Sean, whom I was going to invite to our little shindig, decided to host a game day on this day at his house.  We have few enough RSVPs that I think it'll be more fun to join his crew than do our own thing at the original venue, and he's happy to have us.  What do you guys think?
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I'm afraid the likelihood of us making it this year continues to diminish.  Eric's dad as bought airline tickets to come out this way and visit us and Eric's brother in Indy - though we don't know for certain which days will be in Indy and which in St. Louis.    
Morendo : Sunday, Aug 12 - 2:45pm
You have to be there...you just have too!!!!!!!!
Saralanna : Monday, Aug 13 - 9:22am
Hi Tal, I do get to Austin several times a year, and would love to participate in a get-together, but I am already committed to a seminar in Florida that weekend! I'd love to have a chance to meet some of you guys another time. -- Joia
Joia : Sunday, Aug 19 - 12:06am