VolckerDestroyer's End

All our hard work on Sunday and a few minor adjustments tonight paid off with a one-shot kill of Deathwing!  Congrats to everyone involved  - and a special tip of the hat to Faeldis and Imholylol for two-healing the fight!  

Nice for the guild to get the kill in before the nerfs take effect.

Next up: heroics!

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back to index : comments (10) : Monday, Jan 23 - 10:04pm
Oh my goodness I didn't even think about that! EVEN MORE AWESOME that it was before the raid buff [debuff?]. GRATS!!!!!
Aerdrie : Tuesday, Jan 24 - 9:20am
See, I just need to take a hiatus more often. You kill things faster.
Feelbetter : Tuesday, Jan 24 - 7:23pm
Yeah they just needed to trim out the fat:P I think my absence pushed them over the top. Congrats guys!!
Sin : Friday, Jan 27 - 8:06am
So is there going to be "stood in the fire" runs?
Calence : Friday, Jan 27 - 6:21pm
You can get that achievement in Raid Finder.
taliafears : Saturday, Jan 28 - 3pm
Nobody tries to get it in RF.
Calence : Sunday, Jan 29 - 7:39pm
All you have to do is jump off Spine and you'll get the achievement.
Gallassa : Monday, Jan 30 - 12:58am
If you die in the fight you get it, any wipe will do.
taliafears : Monday, Jan 30 - 9:45am
lololol @ Calence asking for achievements that involve dying/wiping on a raid boss.

Grats guys
Alianos : Tuesday, Jan 31 - 5:29am
I can never seem to be in the same zone as him when he BAr-b-ques everyting, so this is the only other way to get it.
Calence : Tuesday, Jan 31 - 6:34pm