VolckerA Moose in Every Hexweave Bag

Posting this a week late due to me having quest issues, but last Monday we finally got Heroic Archimonde!  The fight is not quite as bad as Heroic (formerly known as Normal) Garrosh or Lei Shen, but the kill was very satisfying nonetheless.

As always, thanks to everyone who stuck with progression through thick and thin - not just on Archimonde but with every boss on Heroic.  Enjoy the moose!

Coming up in the not too distant future: Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry raids for the Glory mounts.

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back to index : comments (4) : Monday, Feb 29 - 11:35pm
This is my favorite picture (AND mount).  Now if I could just remember that I own the thing and actually use it!  I just wanted to say 'Thank You' to everyone in Dev Null who I just LOVE hanging out with on raid nights..  I really enjoy raiding and I'm glad I can do it with such cool, classy people.  Thanks for letting us tag along!
Greenphoenix : Monday, Mar 7 - 7:22am
Thanks, Green.  We're equally glad to have you as part of the family.  Our raids wouldn't be the same without you!
Volcker : Wednesday, Mar 9 - 10:46pm
This picture makes me wish I hadn't changed my race/name...oh well!  I'm so glad too that I actually found a guild that is parent friendly, I'm sure any normal raiding guild would have booted me by now...Thanks for putting up with me, it is SO nice to be able to raid and with a guild full of like-minded adults!  Too bad we're all over the country, would be fun to have meetups (not to mention if we did my wife MIGHT actually agree to start playing if she met everyone lol)
md4tazman : Saturday, Mar 12 - 9:59am
We DO have meetups! There is one on point for Washington DC this year, last year was Florida, there has been one in Texas and at least 2 in St Louis!

Also. GRATS GUYS! So envious, awesome looking mount. Really wish they'd go through with that idea to let veteran accounts play like the free lowbie accounts. I just can't swing paying while in school now :O Not enough time to play
Aerdrie : Saturday, Mar 12 - 1:54pm