VolckerMogu'shan Vaults Cleared!

After a holiday break, we started off the New Year strong with guild-first kills of Elegon and Will of the Emperor on the same night!  We had a very solid group with excellent dps, killing Elegon with about 1:15 left on the enrage timer. On top of that, we got the "Straight Six" achievement.

Needless to say, it felt very satisfying to get the Elegon kill one day before the nerfs took effect!

We'll aim to clear as much of MSV as we can on our weekly normal EPGP runs.  In the meantime, we'll switch our progression focus to Heart of Fear.  Tier tokens, here we come!

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Molpe's Rage echoes through the hills.
Molpe's Strength grips this land with fists of iron.
Molpe's Courage burns everlasting.
The Endless Army will crush Molpe's foes.
Molpe's Will dominates all it beholds.
Daz : Tuesday, Jan 8 - 7:27am
Not sure how this was possible since I see a "Salty Molpe" in the group!

Congrats, though!
Feelbetter : Tuesday, Jan 8 - 1:55pm
Molpe replaced his 450 blue weapon with a 483+legendary gem and gained like 15k dps.
taliafears : Tuesday, Jan 8 - 2:05pm
(491 after upgrades)
taliafears : Tuesday, Jan 8 - 2:06pm
Yeah, I see he placed 2nd on most attempts! Looks like the final boss wasn't too terrible?
Feelbetter : Wednesday, Jan 9 - 9:27am
Not too bad, but we had to go with three healers due to the fact that Jan-xi and Qin-xi hit like trucks.  I'll need to respec my speed talent next time to better do the Opportunistic Strike dance.
Volcker : Wednesday, Jan 9 - 1:54pm
Yeah the tank damage on that last fight is pretty ridiculous and they're constantly moving so they pop in and out of casting range.  Need a full time healer on each and a raid healer.  

I think Vespra's priest was doing some damage/heal through atonement so maybe we were at 2.5 healers.
taliafears : Wednesday, Jan 9 - 5:03pm