VolckerGoing for Gold

Tonight the guild earned the achievement for all Challenge Modes completed under the gold times. All guild members now have access to the Thundering Serpent Hatchling from the guild quartermaster, so remember to pick yours up the next time you log in!

Our realm record for Scholomance has been surpassed, but for now at least we have the realm record for Brewery (one of the toughest challenge modes, in my opinion).  Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped out on these over the past couple of months!

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Adana : Wednesday, May 15 - 3:01am
Grats! Glad I could help with one at least. :)
taliafears : Wednesday, May 15 - 7:38am
awesome job guys
restoashes : Wednesday, May 15 - 9:56am
Nice job.  I have not even done a  challenge mode.
Calence : Wednesday, May 15 - 4:02pm
Good, you found a replacement for me. Now I don't have to come back.
Gallassa : Wednesday, May 15 - 4:33pm