MolpeMogu-shan Raid Finder SUCCESS

11 guildies (supplying 1 of 2 tanks and 5 of 6 healers) waltzed through all three open raid bosses tonight. Afterwards we took on the 10-man normal raid. Remember to sign up for next week if you have the ilvl!
back to index : comments (4) : Wednesday, Oct 10 - 9:06pm
Are they seriously that easy?
Calence : Thursday, Oct 11 - 1:47pm
Raid Finder is easy by design.  Normal is a different story.
Volcker : Thursday, Oct 11 - 5:14pm
Yeah we "took on" the normal raid but we did not get a kill.  It was mainly a gear check but we also learned a little better how the first fight works.
taliafears : Thursday, Oct 11 - 5:42pm
Ah, I see, wel then have fun...stupid work schedule.
Calence : Sunday, Oct 14 - 7:11pm