VolckerDragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

That's one small step for the guild ... one giant Nayla!  Congrats!

Thanks to all of the guild members who helped assemble this legendary for the guild, especially those who came week after week to get the embers, the cinders, and the essences.  It's a proud moment for the guild!

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back to index : comments (3) : Saturday, Jan 21 - 11:01pm
Woohoo, one down, how many more to go?
Calence : Monday, Jan 23 - 6:19pm
Congrats to Nayla and the guild, good job finishing it off everyone!
Sin : Wednesday, Feb 1 - 3:26pm
I bet I could still out DPS her. trolololol
Alianos : Saturday, Feb 11 - 4:10am