VolckerArchimonde Banished

After four months, Hellfire Citadel is cleared!  Archimonde is a tough fight, but I think it took us slightly fewer attempts to get him down than we had on Lei Shen or Garrosh.  Of course, the recent nerfs to make the fight on Normal more in line with the old SoO flex didn't hurt!

Next up: Heroic! Currently 5/13H - we'll try to clear the rest before Legion comes out!

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back to index : comments (3) : Monday, Oct 26 - 10:51pm
Congratulations. I'm sorry I've not been on to really do much. Life got in the way and I ran out of funds to pay for game-time. I am so proud of my guild... I hope you all had fun and I'm proud of every one of you!
Laviticuss : Tuesday, Oct 27 - 7:35pm
Congratulations, folks! I'll be back Nov 13 :-)
Feelbetter : Wednesday, Oct 28 - 6:11pm
Awesome work! Congratulations, guys!

I know the Nemi hasn't been around for a while but I just had a major burnout. I'm definitely planning on coming back for Legion, though. See you all then!
Zareveh : Thursday, Oct 29 - 3:55pm