VolckerGarrosh (Normal) Overthrown!

After a record 80 attempts on a boss, the Horde Warchief has fallen!  It was a long, hard slog, but the kill was extremely smooth and we had everyone alive at the end of the fight!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who put in the effort week after week and wipe after wipe; I can honestly say that this is the hardest boss fight we have ever done.

Now that we can do heroics, beginning April 23 and for the remainder of MoP our raid schedule will be as follows:

- Wednesdays: Flex 4 plus an additional Flex Wing
- Sundays: Heroic Progression
- Mondays: Normal continuation (saving raid locks until we get to Garrosh)

See you in Orgrimmar!

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back to index : comments (4) : Monday, Apr 14 - 10:16pm
Gratss, wish I could be there with ya.
Calence : Tuesday, Apr 15 - 3:21pm
About damn time! :)  But congrats for sure, a lot of time and effort went into this.
Morendo : Tuesday, Apr 15 - 6:01pm
All V's fault it took so long to get Garrosh down:

Hotfix yesterday:
Garrosh Hellscream

    During the Garrosh Hellscream encounter, Eternal Flame no longer generates threat during stages 2 and 3 to address an issue that was making the encounter more difficult than intended for raid groups with Protection Paladin tanks.
Feelbetter : Tuesday, Apr 29 - 7:49pm
That just means we beat him before the nerf!
Volcker : Tuesday, Apr 29 - 11:35pm