VolckerSiege of Orgrimmar Normal Raiding

While the guild continues to progress on flex mode (Siegecrafter Blackfuse downed), we are also making headway on normal mode.  Tonight, with some minor tanking adjustments and some stellar healing, we downed the Kor'kron Dark Shaman to put us at the halfway mark.

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back to index : comments (2) : Tuesday, Nov 19 - 12:17am
My apologies to the raid. Had to be up at 4 this morning. Didn't think it would be wise to be up till midnight.

Looks like I wasn't needed. Congratulations!
Feelbetter : Tuesday, Nov 19 - 2:29pm
Glad you guys pulled it out.  Hated to bug out but really wasn't feeling well.
taliafears : Tuesday, Nov 19 - 5:10pm