VolckerHeroic Argus Defeated

For the first time, the guild has gotten all Ahead of the Curve achievements available in a single expansion!  (Just missed out on Heart of Fear in Mists of Pandaria and Blackrock Foundry in Warlords of Draenor).  Congratulations to everyone who continued to work at the fights every week!

We'll start on achievement runs for the Glory Of mounts in the next several weeks; in the meantime, enjoy your spell birds :-)

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VolckerAhead of the Curve: Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Cleared!

Sorry for the radio silence.  I forgot to take a screenshot after our first Normal ToS clear.  But here's a decent shot of us after our first Heroic kill of Kil'jaeden!  Thanks as always to everyone who persisted in our progression attempts!

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RaholianGuldan Dead, Nighthold Saved!

Congratulations on a smooth run and on finishing up a full clear of normal Nighthold! Now on to Heroic!

(Updated by Volcker with clearer pic - congratulations everyone!)

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