General Usage

  • Deposits are only accepted on designated "Deposit" tabs to help keep the bank organized.
  • Everything except the "Raid Items" and "Epic Items" tabs are up for grabs. All ranks excluding "New Recruit" can access these tabs and take up to 4 items or stacks of items per day. If you need more speak with an officer.
  • The "Epic Items" tab is reserved for purples and other high value items. We prefer these items go to people who intend to use them in our raids. Ask an officer if there's anything in there you could use.

Selling Guild Bank Items

Items you take need to be used to advance YOUR characters. It is inappropriate to sell guild bank items on the AH to fund your personal coffers. Similarly, crafting items PURELY for sale using guild banked materials is frowned upon. Using guild materials to skill up professions IS appropriate.

Donating Items

Please don't deposit:

  • Profession recipes or materials from previous expansions (Catch-up items from the current expansion are welcome).
  • Consumable items from previous expansions.
  • Uncommon (green) gear. Rare and epic gear is welcomed.
  • Vendor trash.

If you want to get rid of some old materials you can always ask in guild chat to see if anyone has a use for them.

Donating Gold

We do not encourage people to donate gold; guild income from achievements is sufficient to cover our needs.  Occasionally we get large donations from players who quit, and we definitely appreciate it.

Use Of Guild Funds

Guilds funds are used to pay for a certain amount of guild repairs to defray everyone's raiding costs. Otherwise guild funds are conserved for potential large-ticket guild purchases.

Other Stuff

  • Officers will periodically auction seldom-used items and put the money in the guild bank.
  • Nobody is REQUIRED to make donations, but if you find other people's donations useful, others might appreciate yours as well.